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Spices have been used for thousands of years throughout Asia, Arabia and the Mediterranean region. The history and culture of Indian spices is probably as old as human civilization itself. The rich and varied agro-climatic condition/zones in India offers vast scope for production of a variety of herbs from Mint to Parsley to Oregano. Spices constitute an important group of agricultural commodities which are virtually indispensable in the culinary art. Spice contributes aroma, taste, flavor, colour and pungency to food, rather than a lone food seasoning factor.


The Spice Route Club is aimed at bringing to you the development and variety in use of spices through time. We aim to recreate the tastes and flavor throughout there varied use in different continents. You may be a seasoned curry fanatic or a novice but one thing for sure is that the variety of cuisines offered will tantalize your taste buds.


Members will be invited to attend a monthly event where dishes from the country on the spice route will be offered. We will aim to produce unique dishes from that country as we travel the globe. Dishes will be prepared by a specialist chef from that country. The menu will be available at least a month before the event with per head costs stated.


We hope you will enjoy the journey from the beginning through to the end.


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